45 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools in 2024

45 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools in 2024

Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2024

Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools in 2024

Staying ahead of the digital curve means embracing change and innovation. Back in 2021, we showcased our debut lineup of top-tier marketing tools. Fast forward to 2024, and the game continues to change. Personalization and AI-powered tools are no longer a glimpse of the future; they’ve become the driver of mainstay tools in our toolbox. 

Our freshly curated list is a blend of cutting-edge tech and tried-and-true classics used in our agency hustle. From plug-and-play widgets to trailblazing tech redefining marketing’s DNA, take a deep dive into our collection of must-have digital marketing tools. For the record, there’s zero affiliate play here—just pure, unfiltered recommendations to supercharge your marketing game.  

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Google Marketing Tools  

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) 🛠️ 🆓 

Touted by Google as the next generation of web analytics, GA4 has only been grudgingly adopted by marketers. Complaints about data discrepancies and slower performance aside, we are compelled to use GA4 as one of our mainstay tools. The good news is that it’s aiming to create a more user-centric approach to data collection and reporting. Designed to focus on flexibility and future-readiness, this new platform adopts an event-based tracking system. 

Google Ads Editor (2.5)  🛠️ 🆓 

Google Ads Editor, a no-cost app designed for offline editing and bulk changes, ( a game changer when handling large accounts or multiple campaigns simultaneously) recently released version 2.5,  making the editing process even easier.  In its latest version, the tool enhances ad management and compliance through the introduction of the new Ad Review Center. This center provides improved ad viewing capabilities, straightforward filters, and bulk actions, all aimed at making ad management even easier. Google Ads Editor now includes support for Dynamic Search Ads in Performance Max campaigns, making their creation and management more streamlined.

Google Search Console (GSC) 🛠️ 🆓

GSC, another foundational tool from our favorite tech giant, allows marketers to understand precisely which search queries are driving traffic to their site, offering a clear window into user intent and behavior. Moreover, it displays critical data about a site’s click-through rate, impressions, and ranking position, facilitating data-driven optimizations. Beyond these analytic features, GSC plays a pivotal role in site health by identifying crawl errors, broken links, and issues that could potentially harm a site’s search ranking. It also offers suggestions for enhancements, like mobile usability, ensuring that websites meet contemporary standards for user experience. Google Search Console is testing a News Showcase filter and has debugged its link report

Google Tag Manager (GTM) 🛠️ 🆓

A lifesaver for marketers, GTM offers a centralized platform to manage and deploy various website tags without requiring constant code edits or developer intervention. One of its primary benefits is the streamlined process of integrating multiple tracking and marketing optimization tools, from analytics to remarketing, all under a single interface. This ensures a clutter-free website code, improving site speed and performance. GTM’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for marketers to test, implement, and refine their tracking setups in real-time. The platform also boasts built-in error-checking and debugging features, ensuring tags fire as intended. Its newest rollout is its sophisticated server-side tagging allowing you to route traffic from your Google Tag Manager server container to a proxy server.

Google Business Profile 🛠️ 🆓 

Formerly Google My Business, Google Business Profile is a classic local marketing and SEO tool that successfully enhances local visibility and engagement. Its most recent features allow businesses to directly interact with customers on the platform and to manage their profile directly on Google.  It integrates with Google Maps giving potential customers vital information like business hours, location, reviews, and more. A well-optimized Google Business Profile will significantly boost local search rankings, making a business more discoverable to nearby customers. The platform also provides insightful analytics, such as search queries used to find the business and customer actions, allowing marketers to understand user behavior and refine their strategies accordingly. Moreover, the ability to make real-time updates, post events or offers, and directly engage with customers through Q&A or reviews fosters a dynamic connection with the local audience.

Google Keyword Planner 🛠️ 🆓 

Housed within Google Ads, Google Keyword Planner remains an indispensable tool for advertisers to discover new keywords, view search volume data, and get bid estimates. Its comprehensive data enables marketers to identify trending keywords, gauge their search volume, and even forecast performance metrics. But beyond these features, what truly sets Google Keyword Planner apart is its ability to uncover the competition surrounding specific keywords and provide cost-per-click estimates for paid ad campaigns. While there have been no feature improvements recently, they did drop individual and ad group keyword forecasting due to “low usage”.

Google Alerts 🛠️ 🆓

Launched in 2003 Google Alerts is still going strong. Completely free,  it lets brands know when they have a new mention in the news, and on web pages and users know when a keyword they are monitoring shows up in content online. A quick and dirty brand monitoring barometer, it’s still delivering value two decades later.

SEO Tools

SemRush 🛠️

An agency favorite, SEMrush has evolved beyond recognition since its first iteration in 2008. No longer just a keyword research and position tracking tool, SEMrush is now your digital Swiss Army knife, blending predictive analytics and competitor insights in one sleek interface. SEMrush provides a comprehensive solution covering keyword research, site audit, backlink analysis, link building, content automation, and more. It’s particularly renowned for its competitive intelligence capabilities. 

💵 Plans start at $129.95/Month 

Screaming Frog 🛠️

Screaming Frog has maintained its place as the #1 website audit tool for SEO connoisseurs. Sometimes dubbed the “spider,” this digital dynamo lets users crawl websites’ URLs to fetch key on-site elements, making it simpler to analyze, audit, and spot any SEO inefficiencies.  It also allows you to identify, analyze, and fix technical SEO issues. Their newest version, 19.0, codenamed internally as ‘Peel’ provides a comprehensive lens into redirects, broken links, and page titles,  providing marketers with a treasure trove of insights. Fun fact: The name Screaming Frog is inspired by a frog that stood up for itself after being cornered by two cats in CEO, Dan Sharp’s back garden.

💵  $259/Year


With one of the most extensive backlink databases in the industry, Ahrefs has cemented its position as an indispensable backlink analysis tool. Ahrefs now seamlessly marries AI-driven insights with predictive analytics, allowing for really great competitor insights.  Additionally, it offers a range of features for keyword research, content exploration, and website auditing.

💵 Plans start at $99/Month

Moz Pro 

A comprehensive toolset with an intuitive dashboard, Moz Pro is designed around search engine visibility and performance analytics. It offers a suite of features including keyword research, site crawl diagnostics, and backlink analysis. With its SERP analysis, users can gain insights into the competitive landscape of their target keywords. The Page Optimization tool provides recommendations for improving on-page elements, while the Link Explorer feature showcases the strength of a website’s link profile and identifies opportunities for building quality backlinks. 

💵 Plans start at $99/Month

Glimpse – Google Trends Supercharged 🛠️🆓

Google Trends Supercharged is a cool Chrome extension that boosts the standard Google Trends interface by incorporating real-time search data in Google Trends including keyword volume, competitor statistics, and long-tailed keywords from “People Also Search” notifications.  It also lets you easily export data to Google Sheets. It has a limited free version of 10 searches monthly.

GT Metrix 🛠️🆓

Website performance analysis tool GTMetrix goes beyond mere speed testing; it provides a comprehensive report that benchmarks a site against KPIs, offering actionable insights that align with Google’s PageSpeed metrics. By delving into aspects such as page load times, total page size, and the number of requests, GTmetrix helps users pinpoint specific bottlenecks affecting site performance. 

Valentin 🛠️🆓

Local & International Google SERP Checker Valentin.app continues to stand out from its competitors. Completely free, Valentin.app is an easy way to get localized SERPs at an exact location without any additional tools.  A free Google SERP checker, Valentin allows you to check local search engine results from any location. Unlike its alternative, I Search From, Valentin allows you to actually click on the search result link and not just view the search results page. 

Yoast SEO (21.5) 🛠️🆓

An award-winning, free WordPress plugin with over 5 million downloads, Yoast SEO  is super intuitive and easy to set up. It guides users through optimizing content, images, meta descriptions, and titles with targeted keywords. The plugin’s real-time page analysis ensures your technical SEO basics are top-notch, and its readability feedback helps make content both search-engine friendly and engaging.  While the free version offers substantial functionality, the premium version takes it a step further. It provides AI-driven metadata generation enhanced on-page SEO tools, internal linking recommendations, and a ‘redirect manager’ to efficiently handle 404 errors. Its newest feature can block AI robots like GPTBot, CCBot, and Google-Extended.

💵 $99/Year


Landing Page Builders

Unbounce 🛠️

Indispensable, Unbounce stands out as an exceptional landing page builder. One of its cornerstone benefits lies in its user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface, making it possible for non-developers to create and customize landing pages without any coding expertise. Unbounce offers an array of well-designed, conversion-centric templates particularly built for lead generation. Unbounce provides an AI-powered algorithm dubbed Smart Traffic that matches visitors to the variant they’re most likely to convert on. Unbounce includes AI copywriting tools, robust analytics, and traditional a/b testing tools for maximum impact. Unbounce integrates with tools like Calendly, Shopify, Stripe, and Typeform, simplifying the overall campaign management process.  

💵 Plans start at $99/Month


HubSpot, renowned as an all-in-one digital marketing platform, offers a robust and versatile landing page builder tool, akin to Unbounce. If you’re currently utilizing HubSpot’s marketing software, this tool should be your top choice, given its seamless integration with their CRM, email marketing, and analytics tools. Like Unbounce it has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that requires no coding skills, customizable mobile-optimized templates, and A/B testing capabilities.  Its conversion analytics track and assess what’s effective and what’s not helping you to easily determine the winning page variant. Using dynamic forms, it tailors content based on a visitor’s location, device, lifecycle stage, or CRM-stored contact details. It offers a limited free version.

💵 Their landing page builder is part of a suite of tools included in Hubspot’s marketing Hub, starting at $800/Month.

Elementor 🛠️🆓

For those immersed in the WordPress ecosystem, Elementor likely needs no introduction. Renowned as a user-friendly, “no coding required” drag-and-drop landing page builder, Elementor boasts over 300 pre-designed templates to simplify website creation. What truly sets it apart are its extensive widgets and the ability to integrate seamlessly with a myriad of WordPress plugins and third-party add-ons. Enhancing its utility, Elementor 3.16 delivers faster performance and improved accessibility, catering to visitors who utilize assistive technologies. On top of that, the platform surprises with features like an AI image generator. Beyond its intuitive interface, tech enthusiasts will appreciate its open-source nature, allowing developers to tailor its functionality or incorporate Elementor’s robust features into their own products using custom code. Elementor offers the added advantage of built-in managed WordPress hosting, powered by Google, ensuring a holistic experience for users.

💵 Plans start at $59/Year

Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

VWO 🛠️🆓

VWO packs a powerful punch when it comes to conversion rate optimization tools. Designed to bolster user experience and conversion metrics, its A/B, multivariate, and split URL testing capabilities are impressive. The platform provides insights through heatmaps and session recordings, providing insights into user behavior. VWO’s segmentation and personalization features allow marketers to build tailored experiences for specific user segments and a new advanced filtering feature allows you to segment your form field analytics and survey responses based on a variety of predefined user attributes.  VWO stands out by converting complex data into clear, actionable strategies that deliver real value. Its big downside is its hefty price tag.

💵 Plans start at $359/Month

Lucky Orange 🛠️

Similar to VWO, Lucky Orange provides an array of CRO tools designed to enhance user engagement and website optimization. The suite includes Dynamic Heatmaps, which highlight user interactions on a page, spotlighting areas of activity over dynamic elements such as menus, forms, and pop-ups. Session Recordings are another key feature, enabling quick location and playback of visitor interactions, particularly engagement and user roadblocks. Surveys are another great feature to gather feedback on product preferences, uncover technical issues, or to crowdsource ideas for new features. The Live Chat function offers real-time support and proactively invites users to engage in conversation based on their behavior or demographic segment. Conversion Funnel Analysis is essential for identifying stages where visitors are lost, while Form Analytics provides crucial insights into metrics such as form abandonment, and sequence of field completion. Lucky Orange also boasts an extensive range of third-party integrations and an API, enhancing its versatility and effectiveness as a CRO tool. Its free version is available but to unlock all of their benefits invest in a paid subscription.

💵 Plans start $32/Month


Heap.io stands out in the landscape of CRO tools for its innovative approach to data collection and visual analysis of customer journeys. Coined the “Google Analytics of user journeys Heap’s automatic data capture allows businesses to track user interactions comprehensively without the need for manual tracking setup, ensuring no critical data is overlooked. This level of automation facilitates a deep and immediate understanding of how users engage with a website, identifying both pain points and opportunities for optimization. Heap’s powerful analytics enable teams to derive actionable insights, conduct A/B testing, and iterate on the user experience with agility. Additionally, the platform’s retroactive analytics capability means that you can apply new queries to historical data, an invaluable feature for uncovering trends and making informed decisions. It also conveniently provides data-driven session replay. Heap is an awesome tool with some drawbacks, it has a high learning curve and a hefty price tag. 

💵 Based on the number of sessions, Heap starts at $3,600/Year


Improvely is designed with a clear purpose: to help marketers track and optimize their online advertising efforts with precision. A key benefit of Improvely is its ability to identify the source of every signup or sale, whether it’s from a paid advertisement, social media, search, or another channel. An A/B testing tool at its core, it offers lots of other benefits. The platform offers robust fraud detection capabilities protecting brands from fraudulent clicks and leads. It also has a brand reputation feature that identifies negative reviews.

Plans start at $29/Month

CallRail 🛠️

The leader in call tracking and analytics, CallRail equips marketers with the clarity needed to attribute conversions accurately—whether they stem from online or offline channels. With features that include call recording for qualitative insights, dynamic number insertion to trace call origins and comprehensive reporting that integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics and Ads, marketers gain a granular view of their campaign performance. By bridging the gap between digital campaigns and phone call conversions, CallRail enables marketers to refine their strategies, optimize spending, and tailor customer interactions to drive higher conversion rates. In 2023 they launched Premium Conversation Intelligence, CallRail’s newest AI-driven features like call summary transcriptions and sentiment analysis. 

💵 Plans Start at $40/month for call tracking, $85/month includes Conversation Intelligence

ManyChat 🛠️

One of the many  “Smart” chatbots proliferating the market, ManyChat stands out as a D2C automated customer engagement tool, owing to its integrations, intuitiveness, and ease of use. Its ability to execute automated, personalized messaging sequences on popular platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and SMS is topped by its integrations with tools like Zapier, Google Sheets, Hubspot, Paypal, MailChimp, and others. Although it offers fewer templates than some of its competitors, ManyChat facilitates modification and customization of these templates. Its AI text generator leverages natural language processing (NLP) to understand and respond to the context of a conversation.

💵 Plans Start at $15/Month

The Chat Inc. 🛠️

Positioned as more than just a conventional live chat platform, The Chat Inc. is designed for lead generation and offers a specialized outsourcing solution, providing human-powered engagement to transform passive website glances into active sales conversations. This service adopts a unique payment structure where customers are charged only for “qualified” leads, a qualification criterion established during the initial setup. The Chat Inc. offers an attractive pay-per-lead pricing model, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to optimize their budget while enhancing their sales pipeline.

💵 Pay Per Lead Model

Outgrow 🛠️

Known for its easy-to-deploy Quiz Builder, Outgrow.co is an interactive marketing tool designed to engage users through unique, gamified experiences. Increasing value-driven interactions, lead generation, and engagement from one of their builder templates, Outgrow uses branching logic to create personalized polls, chatbots, numerical calculators, surveys, and more. The platform’s analytics dashboard translates user inputs into behavioral data, for customer segmentation and future marketing. It also has seamless native integration with numerous marketing automation and CRM systems.

💵 From $32/Month
Tolstoy 🛠️

We first highlighted Tolstoy in 2021, shortly after its market debut. At that early stage, it already stood out as an amazing interactive video commerce platform. A disruptor, Tolstoy was among the pioneers in making interactive video widely accessible. Now, enhanced with the ability for direct shopping through its video platform, Tolstoy boasts over 5000 customers, including notable names like Yotpo and Monday.com. The platform has evolved to offer an intuitive interface, facilitating the creation of personalized and immersive video experiences for potential new customers. This is achieved through a strategy known as “branching,” where viewers select their journey based on interests and needs, resembling a face-to-face conversation more than a passive video experience. Tolstoy has expanded its technology from a mere website and landing page widget to include quizzes, feeds, and Instagram-like stories. 

💵 From $19/Month

Graphic Design Tools (for Non-Designers)

Canva Pro 🛠️

For the last decade Canva has succeeded in democratizing design, by offering a free user-friendly platform where both novices and seasoned designers can craft compelling visual assets with ease. While their free version is solid, their Pro version offers an extensive library of templates, images, fonts, audio, and video assets that are incomparable. Pro also gives you the ability to upload logos, set your brand’s color schemes, and integrate custom fonts, images, graphics, and icons. Canva also just launched its own “color picker”,  a feature creators have wanted for years as well as introducing Whiteboards for easy real-time collaboration and live editing. Don’t forget to test out their AI image and video generator – literally saving hours in creative time. Canva’s API integrates with most major social platforms and content management systems. 

💵 Plans start at $119.99/Year

Adobe Express 🆓

Offering generative AI features powered by Adobe Firefly, Adobe Express is an all-in-one editor designed to cater to both novices and experts. From quick photo edits and retouches to color correction, filters, and overlays Adobe Express offers an array of features tailored to to crafting compelling marketing assets.


Possibly one of the tools on this list with the most “cool factor”, Midjourney is an AI art generator that creates images from natural language descriptions called “prompts” to spur mind-blowing artistic creation. Midjourney offers a plethora of AI-driven art prompts and complete artwork generation based on user input. This tool not only provides a reservoir of creative inspiration it facilitates diverse style experimentation and encourages collaboration.  Using Midjourney requires no specialized hardware or software; it operates entirely within the Discord chat app. Sadly it’s no longer free but it is affordable. 

💵  Plans start at $10/Month

Content Writing Tools

ChatGPT4 🛠️ 

OpenAI’s latest prodigy, ChatGPT4 is redefining the content creation playbook by instantly whipping up everything from catchy headlines to article outlines, and deep-dive articles. Its weirdly intuitive grasp of context and writing tones is remarkable in its relevancy. While 3.5 is still a wonderful free tool, ChatGPT4 has a much higher “context window” that can retain up to 25,000 words of chats for context (as opposed to the 3000-word limit from 3.5) and can now understand and process images.

💵 $20/Month

Answer the Public 🛠️ 🆓

Answer The Public holds a distinctive position, serving as a bridge between content creators and their audience’s most pressing questions. This innovative tool harnesses the power of real-time search data, presenting marketers with a visually engaging map of questions, prepositions, and related search terms that people are actively asking on search engines. By providing insights into the public’s current inquiries and concerns, it empowers marketers to craft content that is not only relevant but also addresses the exact needs and curiosities of their audience. While there is a premium version, the free version allows for three searches per day which suffices most boutique agencies.  

💵 Starting at $5/Month 

Grammarly 🛠️ 🆓

There is nothing more embarrassing than a typo in your marketing materials. Since 2009, Grammarly –  a foundational, cloud-based writing assistant has been helping marketers ensure their content is nothing short of perfect. Grammarly operates in the background, identifying potential errors, suggesting style improvements, and even providing tone insights. It not only elevates the quality of content but also boosts the message’s credibility and professionalism. Recent feature updates have introduced a more powerful AI writing assistant, resulting in a 7% increase in corrected writing mistakes, a 14% rise in clarity suggestions, and a 15% reduction in erroneous spelling suggestions.

Video/Podcast Tools


This user-friendly platform streamlines the podcast editing process, allowing marketers to effortlessly enhance their audio content. With features like automatic transcription, audio leveling, and the ability to record separate tracks for each participant, Riverside.fm empowers marketers to produce professional-quality podcasts with ease. What truly sets Riverside.fm apart is its seamless integration with remote recording capabilities, ensuring that marketing teams can collaborate effectively from anywhere in the world. 

💵 Plans start at $15/Month 


Descript stands out as an indispensable tool for podcast creators aiming for precision and efficiency. Beyond traditional audio editing, Descript offers a unique transcription-based approach, allowing users to edit audio by simply editing text. This feature not only simplifies the podcast production process but also drastically reduces editing time. With built-in tools for multi-track editing, noise removal, and voice cloning, Descript ensures high-quality results without the need for multiple tools or platforms. While there is a free version, it’s limited.

💵 Pans start at $12/Month


An AI-powered plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, Autopod simplifies and automates various aspects of promotion and distribution for multi-camera podcasts. Marketers can efficiently schedule and share podcast episodes across multiple platforms while offering advanced analytics and listener insights, helping marketers tailor their content and strategies. The Social Clip Creator feature in Autopod adjusts sequence settings and footage dimensions to match the chosen aspect ratio, and it can also incorporate auto-reframes, watermarks, and endpages according to the user’s preferences. The Jumpcut feature in Autopod generates jump cuts in your footage by identifying moments of silence. This feature is particularly useful for creating engaging social clips that require frequent cuts to maintain audience interest.

💵 Plans start at $29/Month

Email Marketing Tools

Intuit Mailchimp 🛠️

 Mailchimp has come of age as a full digital marketing hub, particularly since its acquisition from Intuit.  Beyond its core email capabilities, it now boasts a comprehensive suite of tools, many of which are AI-driven, including a customer relationship management (CRM) system that seamlessly tracks and manages customer interactions. Further complementing this is the customer journey builder—a feature that enables businesses to chart out and customize the path they want their customers to follow. Intuit Mailchimp’s pre-built email templates remain a staple as does its easy drag-and-drop content blocks in custom or pre-built templates. Intuit Mailchimp has recently introduced generative AI to produce personalized content at scale. Additionally, the platform includes advanced segmentation tools and performance visualizations, and analytics, giving marketers a clear view of their campaigns’ impact and reach. Mailchimp stands firm as a versatile and indispensable ally.

💵  Starting at $20/Month 


Klaviyo is a preferred choice among e-commerce retailers, offering a robust platform for email, SMS, and Customer Data (CDP) automation. It supports seamless automated workflows across mobile push notifications, apps, web, and ads. One of Klaviyo’s standout features is its easy integration with e-commerce giants like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, allowing marketers to centralize both customer and performance data. This tight-knit integration empowers marketers to leverage real-time behavioral data, facilitating precise audience segmentation based on purchase behavior, browsing habits, and other on-site activities. Klaviyo’s intuitive flow builder aids in crafting intricate automated campaigns, ranging from cart abandonment prompts to post-purchase follow-ups, all aiming to enhance customer lifetime value. Its analytics dashboard provides a snapshot of performance metrics, enabling marketers to refine their strategies for the best possible outcomes.

💵 Starting at $45/Month 

Social Media Management Tools

Hootsuite 🛠️

Ranked as one of Forbes Advisors’ No. 3 best social media management tools, Hootsuite is also one of the oldest and easiest-to-use social media management solutions around and is used by agencies and enterprise companies alike. Designed as a centralized platform it allows marketers to easily curate content, schedule posts, and engage with audiences across multiple social networks within a unified dashboard. Its analytics modules offer insights into both paid and organic social media metrics including social media listening/brand monitoring and sentiment analysis data. It also includes some perks like a free image library, free use of Grammarly, and integration with Canva. Hootsuite’s platform also includes a creative AI assistant to “inspire” marketers in generating fresh content, revitalizing old content, and transforming web assets like blog entries into engaging social media posts in seconds. 

💵 Starting at $99/Month 

Sprout Social 🛠️

Its key advantages may sound less glamorous than some of its competitors, but Sprout Social makes it to the list because of its solid deliverables.  The platform allows users to schedule posts, track social media conversations, and monitor brand mentions across multiple social channels with ease, providing a unified view of their social media strategy. Sprout Social’s detailed analytics help businesses understand their audience better, offering insights into user engagement and content performance. Its collaboration features are a boon for teams, allowing for efficient workflow management and ensuring consistent messaging. They also provide solid customer support.  Its only drawback is its hefty price tag.

💵 Starting at $249/Month


Buffer, which dubs itself as the “all you need social media toolkit” is a straightforward social media management tool with an intuitive interface. Engineered for creators to easily optimize the posting, auto-scheduling, and distribution process, the platform’s suite offers analytics, team management, conversation management, and integration with major social networks (as well as channels like Google Business Profile, Shopify, and Mastodon). Like its competitors, it has a nifty AI writing tool to generate new content or repurpose post content and its API connectivity and plugin support further extend its utility. It has a decent free version and affordable pricing for solo marketers.

💵 Plans start at $12/Month

CRM, Productivity Tools

Hubspot Marketing Hub 🛠️

As a comprehensive platform for inbound marketing, sales, and service, HubSpot is the hands-down winner in providing a unified point of truth for all marketing requirements. HubSpot is a transformative tool that scales with your growth. It’s designed to attract visitors, convert leads, and help close and retain customers, through an intuitive user experience. HubSpot creates a single point of truth for everything marketing, sales, service, and operations. Its extensive functionalities include landing page builders, live chat, email marketing, payment integrations, and omnichannel marketing automation. It offers video hosting, lead scoring, collaboration tools, campaign management and analytics, A/B testing, sales forecasting, and exceptional customer support, among many other features. Its biggest drawback is its price to access all of its features.

💵 Marketing Hub Professional starts at $800/Month

ClickUp 🛠️

ClickUp wins as an affordable alternative to Hubspot. It’s a versatile and cost-effective project management tool. A hub for everything marketing, ClickUp makes it easy to create and manage content creation, social media posting and scheduling, SEO, and email campaigns. With features like visual collaboration, chat, document sharing, and spaces for joint work. ClickUp offers analytics for tracking campaign performance that can easily be turned into customizable reports. It integrates with an endless list of tools to streamline workflow. 

💵 Plans Start at $12/Month

High Level 🛠️

Tailored for agencies and marketing professionals, HighLevel streamlines operations by consolidating various tools into one comprehensive platform. Its robust features include advanced CRM capabilities, sales funnel automation, and efficient lead tracking, ensuring that every aspect of client interaction is optimized for maximum engagement and conversion. The platform’s intuitive marketing automation tools empower users to create personalized, impactful campaigns that resonate with their target audience. Additionally, GoHighLevel’s seamless integration with popular marketing channels and analytics tools provides invaluable insights, enabling marketers to make data-driven decisions.

💵 Plans start at $97/Month

Zapier 🛠️

Saving the best for last? Perhaps. Zapier has forever changed the landscape of workflow automation by enabling marketers to orchestrate custom workflows without the need for coding expertise. Boasting integration with a staggering 6,000+ apps, Zapier facilitates seamless automation between a myriad of marketing tools. Its implementation process is not only intuitive but supported by good customer service and an extensive library of well-documented guides. A standout feature is Zapier’s integration of  AI to construct custom  ‘Zaps’ (automated workflows). The impact of Zapier in your marketing toolkit? Monumental time savings, a noticeable reduction in manual errors, and a significant boost in overall productivity. 

💵 Plans starting at $19.99/Month

Surprised that your favorite digital marketing tool didn't make it to our list? Reach out and let us know – we're eager to test drive the next best digital marketing tool! 🏎️


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