While all digital marketers like to gripe about this ever popular social network, Facebook Tools are effective and free that can make your campaign management and execution so much easier. 

Here are 5 of my favorites.  

  1. Creative Hub: Ever want to try a new type of Facebook ad but didn’t want to create a new campaign in ads  manager where everyone with access to the account can see it?  Or did you want to perfect your ad concept, creatives or ad copy before going live with it? Create and share mockups of your ads with Facebook’s creative hub.  If you have a business manager account you can upgrade to Creative Hub For Business and get access to professional features like Import for final asset delivery and Projects  for mockup organization and collaboration. Create Hub is really easy to use.  Just select the type of ad you want to create from the dropdown list and get started creating your mockups.

2. Facebook Sharing Debugger: Now that Facebook no longer lets you edit the automatically generated link text in your posts, this tool is even more important.  Occasionally (more often that I like to think about), Facebook comes up with no  link preview or the wrong information  when I add a link into a Facebook post on a Facebook Page or profile.  Here’s a great solution. Go to the Facebook Sharing Debugger, add in the link that is giving you problems and click debug.  Not done yet! Scroll down and click “scrape again” More often than not, your link will work now and give you  the proper image and text. If not, check out the warnings that should be fixed section.

3. Overlay Tool: Use the Image Text Check Overlay Tool to make sure that your ads meet Facebook’s 20% rule.  This is an essential tool for anyone designing Facebook ads.

4. Charitable Giving Tools:  A great way for nonprofits to collect donations and enable their supporters to fundraise for their cause, Charitable Giving Tools is now available in more countries.

5. View as Option: Use the Facebook “View As” Option!  See what your profile looks like to the public or even to a specific person (make sure mom didn’t see that last post).  You can use this on a Business Page too.  Click the 3 dots next to the share button and open the drop down menu. Select View as Page Visitor. 


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