Google Adwords Ads Suggestions

Look Out! Google Adwords Ad Suggestions Are Here!

Google Adwords Ad Suggestions:They were rolled out in a limited fashion last year, but they are now coming on strong.In an effort to help improve its already awesome machine learning, Google is now insisting that ad groups have a minimum of 3 ads.  (They are suggesting 3 – 5 ads per ad group).  Ad groups that currently only have 1 or 2 ads in an ad group will get ad suggestions from Google.  On the one hand, this can [...]

Facebook Tools

5 Official Facebook Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

While all digital marketers like to gripe about this ever popular social network, Facebook Tools are effective and free that can make your campaign management and execution so much easier. Here are 5 of my favorites.  Creative Hub: Ever want to try a new type of Facebook ad but didn’t want to create a new campaign in ads  manager where everyone with access to the account can see it?  Or did you want to perfect your ad concept, creatives or ad copy [...]

Google My Business (GMB) Tips 2018

5 Google My Business (GMB) Features You’ll Want to Use in 2018

Google My Business (GMB) listings is the first step local marketers and small businesses take to garner a local business presence in Google search and map results.  Similar to Yelp and Yellow Pages, GMB is a great way to showcase your brand, physical location(s), products and services as well as customer satisfaction.   (The big difference of course is that GMB is a Google product and therefore should be at the top of your list of local marketing activities).Consider this:97% [...]

Power of an Image In Your Ads

Never Underestimate The Power of an Image In Your Ads

Your ad is your image!  Yes, you should write engaging text, edit it, spell check it, test a long vs.  short text version, but when all is said and done, your image is the single most compelling element to garner your target audience’s attention and get them to click on your ad. 65% of the population are visual learners and a large percentage of the human brain dedicates itself to visual processing.  I am not a graphic designer or [...]

Facebook Bug

Facebook Conundrum

Digital ad platforms have exploded over the past few years, and if implemented correctly, can provide businesses of all sizes with ad-targeting opportunities which were unheard of in the past.But as great as these platforms are, we sometimes encounter cases which remind us that they are also imperfect works-in-progress, and are often crawling with bugs. Facebook is kind of notorious in this regard. There have been a number of instances where Facebook has come out and admitted to inaccuracies [...]


Hey, Google…Don’t You Want Advertisers To Succeed?

3 Ways That Adwords’ Default Settings Cause Wasted Ad SpendHere’s the thing with Adwords: Google designed it to be simple enough that pretty much anyone who knows how to type can set up a campaign, and think to themselves, “Gee, I think I did a pretty good job there. That wasn’t too hard.”  The fact is, though, that unless you are someone who really, truly, knows what you are doing, then there is a 99.99999% probability that your Adwords [...]

SEO in 2018: Content needs to answer personalized questions

SEO in 2018: Content as a “Personal Advisor”?

SEO in 2018:  Expectations for search engines have changed dramatically over the last few years.  In the old days (about 2 years ago), people would expect their search engine to act like an algorithm and spew out answers.  Today, people are expecting a “personal advisor”.Search Engines as Personal AdvisorsIn this article on thinkwithGoogle, Lisa Gevelber very succinctly gives us some great insight into this phenomenon.  In SEO speak, it means that users are searching by using longer tailed keywords.  Instead of searching for comfortable [...]

LinkedIn Showcase Page

LinkedIn Showcase Pages

There are over 19 Million LinkedIn Company Pages.  You can make yours stand out with LinkedIn showcase pages.In July, LinkedIn announced the top 10 Company Pages of 2017 after asking for users to nominate their favorites.  While the winners feature thought-provoking content and eye-catching imagery that showcase the best of their brands to their respective audiences, many of the top ten capitalize on showcase pages.As we head into 2018, LinkedIn highlights the importance of LinkedIn Company Pages in general [...]


Google Tag Manager is a Big, Fat, Free Present for Marketers – Here’s Why

Way back in December of 2012 Google gave Digital Marketers a big, fat, free present in the form of Google Tag Manager (GTM).Agencies rely on lots of third party tools to track marketing efforts, from Google Analytics to Facebook Pixels and beyond. If you’re code adverse like many marketers you rely on your developer to handle these requests which end up  bottle-necked by more urgent priorities the developer has on his or her plate.Enter Google Tag Manager.  Designed to [...]


3 Tried and True Digital Lead Generation Magnets

Whether you’re looking to create a funnel of  qualified leads to provide your sales team or get mobile users to click-to-call, there a number of highly successful tools to cull from.Below are  a 3 high performers that we use daily, plus one of our favorite lead integration tools.Facebook Lead Generation adsMost people know Facebook as a social network.  We know it as perhaps the most robust,  innovative advertising platforms available.  This is particularly true when it comes to lead [...]