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Cosmetic Surgery

I have employed Sunhouse Marketing since July of 2019 to manage my entire marketing campaign. Since July I have had a significant increase in consultations, surgeries and a definite increase in my revenue. I have found Sunhouse Marketing to be fantastic to work with. They and my staff function as one team with ongoing meetings and communication. Fran, the CEO, is very personable, and is, at the same time, very analytical. Often there is not enough time devoted to actually validating approaches in the marketing world. One of the things that attracted me to Fran and her team was their analytical approach and reporting to validate and/or change the approach. Fran has wonderful staff that each specialize in different areas. I have been exceptionally pleased with my experience and I expect my relationship with SunHouse to continue to grow for many years.

David Berman, MD, FRCSC

Berman Cosmetic Surgery

Berman Cosmetic Surgery reached out to SunHouse Marketing in 2019 to generate qualified leads for their cosmetic surgery clinic. We developed a holistic marketing strategy.

Our efforts for this law firm consist of:

Robust, targeted Google Ads campaigns

Tailor and Strategic Bing Ads

Landing page development & optimization

Search engine optimization, including Local SEO


We create our landing pages via a tool called Unbounce.


Recently, Unbounce released a benchmark report which evaluated conversion statistics from a number of industries.


In this report, they presented the following data:

Our Results

We have generated

11,413 Leads



have come from our
Google Ads campaigns.