CDx Diagnostics

Case Study


The digital marketing team at SunHouse Marketing are seasoned pros in the MedTech B2B space. They have been able to help us connect effectively with the medical community by driving, consistent and qualified leads to our sales team. Their good instincts and breadth of knowledge resulted in a collaboration that yielded fresh and creative solutions for our campaigns. Furthermore, (and this is no small matter) they are a pleasure to work with.

Yoni Mozeson Director of Marketing at CDx Diagnostics

CDx Diagnostics

CDx Diagnostics turned to us to market WATS3D – a groundbreaking technology which helps gastroenterologists detect warning signs of esophageal cancer. This included both a B2B and B2C strategy. 

Our efforts for this client include:

SunHouse created and executed robust Google & Bing Search ad campaigns generating qualified leads marketing CDx’s cutting edge esophageal cancer detection device. 

Created high converting landing pages to promote their guide to Barrett’s Esophagus ( a precursor to esophageal cancer).

SunHouse crafted message-aligned ad copy that resonated deeply with our target markets, ensuring that our messaging spoke directly to their needs. This strategic approach led to maximum conversion rates across our audience segments.

Our team optimized and a/b tested campaigns to acheive optimal results over the course of the campaign period.

Our Results

We have generated

1,064 Leads

588 leads at a cost of $13.55 p/l

have come from our
Google Ads campaigns.

476 Leads at a cost of $11.89 p/l