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Barry Nussbaum JD, MBA, Senior Lawyer

Nussbaum Family Law

Nussbaum law - Overview

Nussbaum Law turned to us for help with their digital marketing efforts. They had worked with digital marketing agencies in the past but found their campaigns to be ineffective.

Our efforts for this law firm consist of:

Robust, targeted Google Ads campaigns

Landing page development & optimization

Search engine optimization, including Local SEO

Establishing on-site goal tracking, including call tracking.

Nussbaum law -
Landing Pages


We create our landing pages via a tool called Unbounce.


Recently, Unbounce released a benchmark report which evaluated conversion statistics from a number of industries.


In this report, they presented the following data:

Landing pages which we have created for clients in the industry convert at 19%.
We can therefore safely say that our landing pages convert in the 99th percentile.

Nussbaum law
Ads & Landing Pages

Nussbaum Law Results

We have generated

8090 Leads


(since phone calls are more valuable than form submissions, our landing pages are structured to encourage users to call).


have come from our
Google Ads campaigns.

According to the Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report, “If your legal landing page converts at 11.2%, you’re beating 90% of your competitors”.

The landing pages we developed for Google Ads convert at 19.17%. 


have come from organic traffic. This number has consistently grown since we began working with this client.