Micro Influencer Marketing

The State of Micro Influencer Marketing In 2019

This article isn’t about AAri, the 18 year old Instagram fashion influencer who admitted last week that she failed to sell 36 t-shirts to her two million Instagram followers. This article is also not about the thousands of “macro-influencers” on Instagram who are reminiscent of celebrity endorsers of old, household names with tens of millions of followers and who garner the fascination of the public if not their trust.This article is about micro-influencers, real people who have become trusted [...]

Facebook Tools

5 Official Facebook Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

While all digital marketers like to gripe about this ever popular social network, Facebook Tools are effective and free that can make your campaign management and execution so much easier. Here are 5 of my favorites.  Creative Hub: Ever want to try a new type of Facebook ad but didn’t want to create a new campaign in ads  manager where everyone with access to the account can see it?  Or did you want to perfect your ad concept, creatives or ad copy [...]

Power of an Image In Your Ads

Never Underestimate The Power of an Image In Your Ads

Your ad is your image!  Yes, you should write engaging text, edit it, spell check it, test a long vs.  short text version, but when all is said and done, your image is the single most compelling element to garner your target audience’s attention and get them to click on your ad. 65% of the population are visual learners and a large percentage of the human brain dedicates itself to visual processing.  I am not a graphic designer or [...]

Facebook Bug

Facebook Conundrum

Digital ad platforms have exploded over the past few years, and if implemented correctly, can provide businesses of all sizes with ad-targeting opportunities which were unheard of in the past.But as great as these platforms are, we sometimes encounter cases which remind us that they are also imperfect works-in-progress, and are often crawling with bugs. Facebook is kind of notorious in this regard. There have been a number of instances where Facebook has come out and admitted to inaccuracies [...]

LinkedIn Showcase Page

LinkedIn Showcase Pages

There are over 19 Million LinkedIn Company Pages.  You can make yours stand out with LinkedIn showcase pages.In July, LinkedIn announced the top 10 Company Pages of 2017 after asking for users to nominate their favorites.  While the winners feature thought-provoking content and eye-catching imagery that showcase the best of their brands to their respective audiences, many of the top ten capitalize on showcase pages.As we head into 2018, LinkedIn highlights the importance of LinkedIn Company Pages in general [...]


LinkedIn for Business: Do I Really Need It?

The very short answer is yes, you do.  But truthfully the answer varies depending on what type of business you own, what you hope to accomplish on LinkedIn and the extent of your knowledge of the ins and outs of how to use LinkedIn for business. Opening a LinkedIn account with a fully developed profile, a comprehensive Company Page and inviting your colleagues to connect is a great start but will get you nowhere fast.  Understanding your goals, defining [...]


Social Media And SEO

Do social signals and links from Facebook and Twitter factor into the Google search algorithm?The short answer is no, Google does NOT use social media data in their search results BUT that does not sufficiently tell the whole story.The History of Social Media and SEOIn May 2010, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Web Spam Team, mentioned in a Webmaster’s video that Google does not use social media in their ranking algorithms. In December 2010, Matt Cutts did a turn [...]


Maximize Your Facebook For Business Page Impressions

Organic Reach on Facebook is NOT deadEvery social media marketer and business owner who has been using Facebook for more than a year or two understands the frustration that I am referring to when I say that it is extremely disheartening to take a look at the number of impressions that a post that you thought was really great (and 2 years ago would have gotten fabulous organic reach) and see this:At one point, in an attempt to relieve [...]


How to Connect Your Google+ Business Page to Google Maps

Why Your Business Has 2 Google+ Pages & How to Merge Your Maps & Reviews With Your Google+ PageGoogle+ for business has so far been easy and straightforward.You create a Brand Page for your business, join communities, interact with your communities/experts in your field and share great content.So where are your Maps location and reviews? Do they fail to appear on your Google+ Brand Page? Probably. Your Maps location and reviews are on a separate Google+ page for your [...]


Ten Reasons You NEED Google Plus for Your Business

Internet Marketing and Google PlusAll Hail King Facebook!Facebook is king, right? If you’re anything like me, Facebook is your go-to for social networking. No character limits (thanks a lot, Twitter). No need to be serious (we’re looking at you, LinkedIn). You don’t even need to be a middle-aged woman who likes DIY crafts (we all know who that is). And it’s no surprise; Facebook does have a lot to offer, including a comfortable interface and tons of people on [...]