Google’s Reminder About “Spammy Links”: Is an Update Imminent?

Google’s Reminder About “Spammy Links”: Is an Update Imminent?

Google Link Spam Warning

Link Spam Warning. Spammy Links will affect your SEO.

Does  a Google Reminder About Link Spam Mean an Update is Imminent?

Google just issued a  reminder about links in large-scale article campaigns  on it’s official Webmaster website.



The reminder was exactly that – a reminder.  There were no new bombshell revelations, just a re-hash of everything that we already know (or should know) about link spam or link schemes.

Bottom line is that writing great, unique content that will add to user’s experience is good.

Writing content with the intent of getting it posted in other places, for the sake of link building, is bad.

I guess from Google’s point of view, we as content providers need to let nature take it’s course and hope that great content gets shared “naturally”.

This post is not going to repeat the tips written in the reminder. You can go the original source, read the information and decide for yourselves how to proceed.

The tougher questions to answer are:

How can you get legitimate links for great content, from 3’rd party sites, without it being held against you?

If you have done this in the past, and you get penalized in the future, what can do you do about it now?

These are the real questions that SEO’s and site owners should be focusing on.

The purpose of this post is to ask:  Does this “reminder” from Google suggest a change to the algorithm is imminent? We’re betting it does.


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