The Big Question About “Google’s Helpful Content Update”

The Big Question About “Google’s Helpful Content Update”

Understanding Google's Helpful Content Update
Understanding Google's Helpful Content Update
Google has announced another algorithm update, as they frequently do. This one, named the “Helpful Content Update” may be different in its scale and impact.  Site owners, who normally brush updates off  need to pay attention this time around

The Background

Google continually updates its algorithm to ensure that its search engine and all related properties – are as effective as possible.  This is the background story to the latest “Helpful Content Update”.  One of the key definitions of being effective is offering the best results that match user intent.  Google continually announces these updates and gives guidance to developers, SEOs, and content owners on how to keep their sites performing optimally.   For the last decade these algorithms almost always focus on ensuring end users are getting quality, relevant content, and that owners are not gaming the system.  Although some updates focus on certain technical aspects of SEO, Google ALWAYS advises owners to focus on content. It is their mantra.   You can see a list of these updates, and follow them as they come up in the future, on this page: Google Search Ranking Updates.

The “Google Helpful Content  Update”

Google has announced its latest algorithm update.  It is being described in many circles as the most significant update to the algorithm since the “Panda” update (in 2011).   Google has provided this guidance to content owners: What creators should know about Google’s helpful content update.   As they explain it, this update is “part of a broader effort to ensure people see more original, helpful content written by people, for people, in search results.”

The Big Question

Google has been saying this same kind of message with every update for years.  What is different about this update?
There are many theories being suggested, and some conspiracy theories.   What seems clear to us is that even though there may be technical differences in the way the algorithm works, this update may be different in the resolve Google is putting behind it.  This could be a case of this time, Google means business.  My favorite approach to all this is that of Fast Company: Reading between the lines of Google’s ‘helpful content update’—and predicting how it will impact organizations  Their theory is that the web is simply becoming too massive, even for Google. It now has “hundreds of billions” of web pages in its search index, requiring astronomical resources to manage – and grow exponentially.  This explains why Google is strongly pushing content creators to delete content that would fall under the “unhelpful” category.

The Takeaway

Yes, it could be a bluff. but this time it seems, that Google means business. Businesses who care about their digital content strategy won’t want to risk losing ranking (and precious organic traffic) by failing to adhere to Google’s new algorithm.  It behooves business owners to take heed and consult with their trusted digital marketing or SEO agency.

About the Author: Sol Jakubowicz is the Owner and Managing Partner at SunHouse Marketing, a boutique digital marketing consulting company that provides a full range of the most current and up-to-date digital marketing services with an emphasis on customer acquisition and revenue generation.


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