How to Connect Your Google+ Business Page to Google Maps

How to Connect Your Google+ Business Page to Google Maps

Why Your Business Has 2 Google+ Pages & How to Merge Your Maps & Reviews With Your Google+ Page

Google+ for business has so far been easy and straightforward.

You create a Brand Page for your business, join communities, interact with your communities/experts in your field and share great content.

So where are your Maps location and reviews? Do they fail to appear on your Google+ Brand Page? Probably. Your Maps location and reviews are on a separate Google+ page for your Verified Local Business and no one told you. Many people are left confused, bewildered and sad. (I know I was)

FEAR NOT, per Google’s announcement, you can merge this data with your Google+ brand page without losing your reviews or followers! (Make sure the Local page is verified)

First let’s take a look at what this means.

Connect Your Google+ Business Page to Google Maps

Google+ Brand Page: Familiar Google+ page that you post on and interact with your fans and communities. Non-local Page with followers

Google+ Local Page: New Google+ page created with info from the Google Places for Business info. Verified Local Page

When you transfer the data between these two pages you end up with:

Google+ Brand Page -> Verified Local Page with followers

Google+ Local Page -> Non-Local Page

How to make it happen:


  1. Go to your Verified Local Page and go to Page Settings
  2. Scroll down to the bottom. Under where it says “
  3. This page is connected to Google Maps” click the button that says “Connect to a different page”
  4. Confirm that you want to connect to your Brand Page.

What this doesn’t do:

  • Connect multiple locations to one brand page.
  • Transfer Local page posts, circles, and followers to the Brand page.
  • Move followers from one page to another.

This process takes a few minutes to get your head around but only a few seconds to execute. If your Google Places listing is already verified, this is an easy step to improve your visibility and bring all of your data under one roof. After completing this simple step, people viewing your business’s Google+ page will also see its location and Google reviews, widening the window of opportunity for your business on Google+.


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