Incorporating Co-Citation Strategies for Local SEO

Incorporating Co-Citation Strategies for Local SEO

What is SEO Co-Citation?

Co-citation for local SEOCo-citation is similar to traditional link building in that it refers to the similarities between two web pages.  In the case of co-citation as opposed to link building, the process of co-citation requires that a third-party webpage mentions the first two web pages in a correlation to each other or simply that your site was mentioned in the same breath as an important keyword.  As an example, check out our our previous blog post on the keyword “Obamacare”.

Co-citations has become a primary factor that Google uses to determine which order to rank businesses in the local search engine results. In other words, a business that is mentioned repeatedly and by other quality, relevant websites deserves a higher ranking than a business that is not mentioned (think consumers and reviews).

An effective and easy way to begin your co-citation strategy is through local directories.

Top 21 Local Search Citation Opportunities

Quick local Citation tips

1. Make sure the company name, address and phone number that you include across your site is displayed consistently throughout your directory listings  (add this information globally to your footer).
2. Include your local business information on all social networks, press release boiler plates and guest blogs.
3. Use local rich snippets so that Google can obtain your local information.


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