Do I really need LinkedIn for Business?The very short answer is yes, you do.  But truthfully the answer varies depending on what type of business you own, what you hope to accomplish on LinkedIn and the extent of your knowledge of the ins and outs of how to use LinkedIn for business. Opening a LinkedIn account with a fully developed profile, a comprehensive Company Page and inviting your colleagues to connect is a great start but will get you nowhere fast.  Understanding your goals, defining what you hope to accomplish on LinkedIn and how it can be done is essential to successfully implementing a LinkedIn for business strategy.

Service Oriented Businesses – Any type of business that provides a service to its clients including but not limited to healthcare professionals, hair and beauty professionals, accountants, lawyers, architects, and building professionals should be using LinkedIn for Lead Gen!!!

Product Oriented Businesses – Both eCommerce Businesses and traditional retail businesses – your potential customers are on LinkedIn.  With more than 350 million LinkedIn users and 2 more users joining per second, you are sure to find customers here.

B2B Businesses – LinkedIn is made for developing relationships between manufacturer and wholesalers and between wholesalers and retailers and other [email protected] relationships.

So you have a fully developed profile with links, projects, endorsements and recommendations, a comprehensive Company Page and you’ve invited the  business contacts you’ve found on LinkedIn to connect. Now what? Take LinkedIn to the next level.

  • Import a CSV file of all of your e-mail connections and send them invitations to connect.
  • Ask your connections to introduce you to second connections whom you think will be beneficial to your business.
  • Connect with LinkedIn users who are suggested to you as “people you may know” by LinkedIn
  • Send a message to anyone who views your profile thanking them for looking at your profile, telling them a bit about yourself and suggesting you connect by sending them your e-mail.
  • Get involved in LinkedIn groups. Start discussions, comment on discussions and your valuable opinions.  You can join up to 52 groups on LinkedIn so join your industry groups but also think outside the box and try to enter the minds of your prospects and figure out which of the over 2 million groups on LinkedIn they have joined.

At this point business professionals discover that one of two things has happened.

  1. You’ve taken LinkedIn to this next level and love it!  Your making connections and growing your network but don’t know how to channel it into real leads and customers.
  2. You see the potential in LinkedIn but you’ve discovered that you are so busy running your business that you just don’t have enough time to really develop your LinkedIn strategy.

Don’t stop here!  LinkedIn is a gold mine of contacts waiting for you to tap into. I have seen real businesses just like yours use LinkedIn to find business leads, customers and  grow their business with powerful results.  At eCI we have developed concrete LinkedIn for Business strategies for business growth.  I’d love to help you figure out how LinkedIn can make a difference to your business.  Contact us today.

How are you using LinkedIn for your business ?

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