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There are over 19 Million LinkedIn Company Pages.  You can make yours stand out with LinkedIn showcase pages.

In July, LinkedIn announced the top 10 Company Pages of 2017 after asking for users to nominate their favorites.  While the winners feature thought-provoking content and eye-catching imagery that showcase the best of their brands to their respective audiences, many of the top ten capitalize on showcase pages.

As we head into 2018, LinkedIn highlights the importance of LinkedIn Company Pages in general and showcase pages in particular in their LinkedIn Company Page Playbook.



LinkedIn's Showcase Pages

What are LinkedIn showcase pages?

A showcase page is an opportunity for you to reach a specific segment of your target audience with a page that promotes specific business lines, products, brands or initiatives within your company.  It is directly linked to your company page and allows you to have different “voices” that appeal to different segments of your target audience.  For example, if your business sells both to customers (B2C) and to other businesses (B2B) you could create separate company pages that highlight the value properties and aspects of your business that appeal to each particular segment.


LinkedIn Sales Solution Showcase Page

Linkedin itself has 10 showcase pages to highlight the various dimensions of its business.  Their Sales Solution showcase page focuses on “Creating opportunities for the world’s buyers and sellers to build productive relationships through social media.”  Their content is geared to buyers and sellers with recent posts that share an e-book on the future of sales, a post about how to communicate with customers and prospects, and a link to an article about sales pros favorite books.



LinkedIn Talent Solutions Showcase PageIn contrast to the Sales Solution showcase page, the LinkedIn Talent Solutions showcase page is geared to business people who are interested in staffing and recruiting. It is all about finding and engaging “the best talent using the world’s largest professional network. LinkedIn Talent Solutions provides innovative recruiting tools to help you become more successful at talent acquisition.”  As such, their content is geared to recruiters with posts including 7 must-reads for every recruiter’s bookshelf, spotting red flags in candidates and exciting changes in the recruiting world this year.

Each LinkedIn showcase page is an opportunity to create a unique following for your brand. So get started today and create a showcase page that appeals to a segment of your target audience.




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