Stephanie Saul-Wellins

Designer, Social Media Manager

As her title suggests, Stephanie Wellins is much more than a typical graphic designer, she is taking SunHouse Marketing to new heights with her all around digital design skills, and social media marketing.

Prior to her current gig, Stephanie was a freelance graphic designer and content manager, for a wide array of online industries.  This variety of clientele is where Stephanie honed her creative skills to produce visual content based on the requirement of the industries.  From conservative B2B businesses to luxurious jewelry retailers in the UK, Stephanie produced just the right look and feel for each one of her happy clients.

As content manager, Stephanie is able to juggle the demanding needs of clients, meet their schedules and ensure delivery of quality content.

Perhaps Stephanie’s real professional achievements can be accredited to her geeky side, where she is a self-professed gamer.  In her free time, she enjoys gaming and staying up on the latest technologies in digital design trends.

Her favorite game is anything by “Square Enix”.  If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry.  Nobody else at Sunhouse Marketing does either.   But based on what it does for Stephanie’s creative genius, we put up with it.


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