Workville NYC  is known as New York City’s best coworking space because of the top talent they attract, their professional, friendly environment and flexible, helpful management style

Leads Generated

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Fran leads a powerful marketing team at SunHouse Marketing. We have experienced an incredibly fast ROI on our SEO ranking and lead generation. Fran is one of the most hard-working, intelligent, and results-driven marketers in the industry.

Suzanne (Sue) Bernstock
President – Workville

A 10.5% conversion rate is more than 4X the global lead gen average for website conversions


Conversion Rate


WorkVille turned to us to generate leads for their co-working space in Midtown Manhattan. Our strategy for this client includes:

Facebook ads
Local SEO
A variety of ad types in the Google Ads platform, including
Display ads

Facebook Ads

Our Facebook ads have focused on the following strategies:

Driving traffic directly to Workville’s website
Lead gen ads
Video View ads


In total, our Facebook ads have generated:

4313 website visits
239 leads
28,095 video views lasting 10 seconds or more

Google Ad Network

Our Google Ads have focused on the following strategies:

Search ads

These ads are triggered when users search for keywords such as “coworking space”, or competitor keywords such as “wework”

YouTube ads

These ads are targeted towards users who are likely to be interested in coworking spaces. For example, we run our ads preceding YouTube videos which focus on topics such as entrepreneurship.

Display ads

We utilize display ads for remarketing purposes. For example, users who originally viewed our videos via YouTube will be remarketed to the display ads, geared towards lead generation.

Local SEO

Our local SEO activities have helped Workville appear in the local pack of search results.

These results are triggered when a Google user searches for a local coworking space.