Reputation Management

Reputation Is Everything

In business, reputation is EVERYTHING. A happy client will tell their friends about your great product or service. A dissatisfied customer on the other hand can wreak tremendous havoc. Every interaction a customer has with your organization, from an untrained receptionist, customer service or the shipment received can influence your image and reputation.

As social media and other digital marketing capabilities have become more available and simpler for the average user to use, so has the ability to seriously damage online reputations. In the early days of online marketing when a consumer had a negative experience with a brand they would tell 13 people. Today it’s a whole different ball game:

SunHouse Marketing has Generated Thousands of Leads and Millions in Sales For Our Clients

Key lead generation marketing tactics include:

✓ Almost 8 in 10 American adults read online consumer reviews for product and services before making a purchase

✓ 79% of people trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation.

✓ 80% of consumers report that negative online comments have influenced their purchasing decision.

✓ Consumers are forming opinions faster now than they were 12 to 24 months ago.

✓ 83% of consumers say positive customer reviews make them trust a business more.

SunHouse Marketing proactively monitors your brand and reaches out to your customers on social networks like Twitter and Facebook and through customer review sites like Yelp. We encourage user generated feedback within a framework we proactively provide using fresh news, video and written content and beyond. Let your clients know that you are listening and that you care about their experiences with your brand.


  • Barry Buckman

    Barry Buckman is Director Of Client Strategies at SunHouse Marketing. He helps clients develop laser-focused strategies which are, quite simply, aimed at increasing their bottom line to the highest degree possible. His areas of expertise include Conversion Rate Optimization, Google Ads, ads across any social network, and SEO