Lead Generation Consultancy

What’s the Difference Between a Mediocre Digital Lead Generation Agency and a Value-Rich Lead Generation Agency

You Don’t Just Need Traffic and Leads. You Need Revenue.

Value Centric Marketing Agencies don’t just focus on leads – they focus on revenue generation. From reviewing and optimizing your entire conversion funnel, from the first touchpoint through to customer acquisition,  all aspects of the customer journey need to be tested; audiences, messaging, channels, landing pages, contact forms and beyond.  This is the approach we embrace at SunHouse.

Our Job Isn’t Done When the Leads Come Pouring In

SunHouse Marketing has Generated
Thousands of Leads and Millions in Sales
For Our Clients

Other agencies operate on the premise that their job is done when they have generated leads. Sunhouse works with our client's hand in hand through the entire customer journey. This includes:

✓  Reviewing your internal          marketing and sales process

✓  Integration of relevant software when required

✓  Work closely with your team to create an effective call-back strategy that provides for best practices

✓  Advising on the best CRM options for your company based on size/industry

✓  Set up reporting that focuses on value-centric KPIs like retained clients, revenue generated

✓  Weekly meetings with your sales team to review lead quality

✓  Helping your team adopt a “speed to lead” approach* 

What is Speed to Lead?

Speed to lead refers to the time it takes for a business or sales team to respond to a new lead after they have expressed interest in a product or service. In lead closing, speed to lead is mission critical because studies have shown that the faster a sales team responds to a lead, the more likely they are to close the sale. Check out these statistics from Harvard Business Review:

✓  You are 7x more likely to qualify a lead when reaching out within an hour as opposed to just one hour later 

✓  You are 100 times more likely to connect with a prospect when you make initial contact within five minutes as compared to if just one hour has elapsed.

✓  You are 21 times more likely to convert a lead into an opportunity when responding in five minutes or less as opposed to having just one hour elapse.

Recent Case Studies

Healthcare Industry

A long-standing client of Sunhouse, operating a healthcare clinic chain, is growing by leaps and bounds. In their words, they are “exploding” with new business.  However, this created new pressure as it was difficult to handle all the qualified leads that were pouring in from our efforts while maintaining their usual level of service to clients.

A mediocre agency would respond this way:

“Wow, we’re doing an awesome job for our client. Let’s pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.”

As a value-rich agency, SunHouse Marketing responded like this:

✓  Meet with stakeholders and review the current internal process.

✓  Review the impact this growth is having on medical and front staff.

✓  Together with the client, we created cost-effective processes allowing the client to allocate resources more efficiently.  This allowed for greater customer capacity without increasing expenditure on HR or infrastructure.

Legal Industry

Due to our digital lead generation campaigns, a legal client had grown from a sole practitioner law firm to a team of 18 professionals within 6 years.  However, their CRM and their time to lead follow-up needed to be faster due to the influx of leads.

SunHouse worked with this client to:

✓  Ensure that the Leads Follow-Up Team had access to the lead source and the answers to the qualifying questions the lead provided  

✓  Worked with the client’s team to analyze lead quality and understand which leads turned into booked consultations and clients. Based on this analysis, we were able to optimize advertising campaigns further to increase the return on investment on ad spend.

✓  Establish mechanisms to help the team respond to leads within 60 seconds.  After doing so, client interactions jumped by x 200%.

Weight Loss Clinic

Our Google Ad ad campaigns for this chain of weight loss clinics generate well over 1000 leads per month. Due to this massive influx of potential patients, our was put in a position where there was a 2-3 week waiting period for appointments. This caused an issue where patients would schedule appointments, but then no-show.

Rather than say “we’re generating the leads, so this is not our problem”, SunHouse worked with this client to develop a systems which would best serve all of the leads that were coming in. This included:

✓  Creating a mechanism where users could opt for a telehealth appointment the next day

✓  Establishing follow-ups which help prepare patients for thier appointments, decreasing the chances of no-shows

✓  Prompting users to pre-pay for their appointments, also decreasing no-shows

✓  Establishing a follow-up system where the client can reach out to leads who did no pre-pay

Our Lead generation consultancy is based on many years of experience, consulting with companies of all sizes and is included in our service offering.
Our clients benefit from increased revenue and SunHouse continues to gain their trust.

We are an asset to our clients, and in return, they invest in us year after year.


  • Fran Jakubowicz

    Fran Jakubowicz is the CEO of SunHouse Marketing, a full service digital marketing agency with a track record of excellence. A digital lead generation expert, Fran and her team have generated hundreds of thousands of leads and millions of dollars in sales for her clients. Fran invests in training and certifying her team across all digital marketing channels to ensure that her clients are benefiting from the freshest digital marketing strategies, Google best practices and tools available. Working across multiple verticals including health, pharmaceutical, finance, law, education, non-profit and eCommerce, Fran and her team have been helping organizations reach their digital goals since 2009. Fran grew up in communications. Early in her career, she worked in her family’s public relations firm, DCI (Dworkin Communications Inc). Since that time Fran has been involved in an impressive array of projects, assisting companies and non-profit organizations to attain their goals. In the days before the internet Fran practiced traditional marketing and PR. With this background, it was only natural for Fran to evolve her skills, and to become a very successful online marketer. In a rare combination, Fran blends over 20 years of experience with her love and passion for the latest and hottest technologies. This unique worldview allows Fran to assist companies to achieve their goals. Connect with Fran on LinkedIn.