Why You Should Be Using Testimonials For Lead Generation

Why You Should Be Using Testimonials For Lead Generation

Using Testimonials For Lead Generation

Testimonials are a powerful lead generation tool – that’s why they dominate ads, landing pages and social channels. Simply stated they convert. 

As a company, there are only a few ways in which you can prove your track record, expertise, and legitimacy to potential new clients in a way that will transition them from a “searching to signing” stage. Some of these tactics may include case studies or white papers to showcase your unique product or service. While important, they omit the human equation and lack emotion. Authentic testimonials however, are considered one of the top factors in converting a prospect into a paying customer according to The Content Marketing Institute’s 2020 benchmarks study.

Customer Testimonials are the ultimate social proof.  They:

  • Strengthen reputation
  • Help to overcome objections
  • Build trust
  • Build credibility
  • Position you as the expert
  • Showcase your unique value/services
  • Increase your conversion rate

According to Neil Patelgreat testimonials tell people that your product or service is not only legitimate but proof enough that other people are seeing great results from it.

Video Testimonials Vs. Text Format Testimonials

Probably the best form of testimonial, video ads provide a layer of emotion and authenticity that can’t be matched. Furthermore video is  the most popular way to consume and retain content. Video can be used effectively in a variety of campaigns that can be optimized and hosted on YouTube and can be used as an SEO tactic to help to get you into the search engine results. While harder to garner, video testimonials beat text format testimonials hands down.

Text format testimonials should still be sought however. First of all they are the easiest to collect as many clients don’t have the bandwidth or desire to provide you with a video testimonial.  This is not because they don’t think you’re great – it’s just too much effort. When publishing a testimonial, it’s essential that the testimonial is supported with a name, professional title, company name and company logo. By supporting the testimonial with an image; a headshot or even a related stock photo, can increase  memorability, increasing post recall of the testimonial by 65%. 

Where To Showcase Your Testimonials

Ads and Landing Pages

What better way to showcase your product or service’s unique value than with a video or text testimonial. Use these in social ad campaigns. They can be leveraged effectively in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and video views campaigns in YouTube (the engagement is notably awesome). Strategically place testimonials on your landing pages  just below your lead form to see higher rates of conversion.

Social Channels

Showcase your testimonials on all of  your company’s social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.  If they are text based, design your testimonials attractively to capture user attention. Make sure to status tag your client when possible and hashtag the industries or individuals you are trying to attract.

A word about LinkedIn: When possible, request a recommendation directly on LinkedIn.  Firstly, these recommendations (unless you choose to remove them) become a permanent fixture on your LinkedIn profile and are an awesome opportunity to showcase your unique value.  


Possibly the most traditional placement of testimonials, most companies showcase a testimonials page on their website as well as integrating testimonials in their homepage design due to the higher volume of visitors.  Just because home page testimonials are often classically placed below the fold and/or near footer contact forms, we suggest testing the placement of your testimonials to see where you get the most traction with a conversion rate optimization tool like HotJar.

Blog content

You can build a post around a recent testimonial letting users know what led you to receive it. Describe the problem the customer faced and the solution you provided so that readers can understand their experience with you and what ultimately led to the testimonial.


Do you send out an ongoing email to prospects? Include a snapshot of a recent testimonial with a link to your website where users can learn more about the company or to read a case study.

Asking For A Testimonial

As awkward as it may feel, asking for a testimonial is actually quite simple. If you are a small to medium service based business, a simple email or phone call with a request is often all you need. The bigger stumbling block is that your customers may be busy, successful people who don’t have the time to craft an original, thoughtful testimonial. If this is the case offer to create a rough draft for them and have them approve it. If you are a large company or a product based business you may opt to automate this process with a request and receive process at scale through the use of drip campaigns.



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